Nice OVBTGSM GSM connection module for O-View

Nice OVBTGSM GSM connection module for O-View

In addition to the benefi ts of the OVBT module, the automation or network of automations can now be controlled via GSM by connecting O-View to the system via BUS T4. A GPRS connection also enables connection via the Internet to O-View to obtain allmanagement functions offered by the software from any location with no need to visit the site.The user can remotely control the automation via GSM, from any of the enabled numbers,and check status, such as opening a gate by means of a phone call or by sending 4 different controls via SMS text message, with the security offered by entry of a unique password.

The O-View unit is for the control, programming and diagnostics of devices equipped with BUS T4 connection, on site or remotely via GPRS thanks to the connection with your PDA, Smartphone or PC.

The multi-function display O-View is connected directly to the compatible control unit via a BUS T4 cable (supplied), enabling access to all control unit parameters to adapt the system to all needs. A single and simple programming mode with intuitive menus valid for each product, with no need to consult the specific instructions.

By connecting O-View permanently to a control unit or group of control units via BUS T4, a network can be created for local or remote centralised management. O-View powers up and automatically recognises all devices on the network as soon as it is connected, displaying only the specific parameters of the device on which to intervene, eliminating any irrelevant or redundant information.

 With the built-in clock, it is also possible (with integrated backup battery) to program delivery of commands at a set time, for example to automate opening and closing of complex industrial and commercial systems or for the creation of “scenarios”. A practical wall-mounted support (supplied) makes it even more convenient. The system can be protected on two levels, for example by means of a user password and installer password, to guarantee differentiated access to more reserved functions and increased safety.

O-View is your portable office, and can be connected just when programming or for maintenance, or can be installed permanently on site to exploit all the benefits of local or remote centralised management.


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