SPECIAL OFFER - Linkcare VME Plus GSM Gate Switch - Free UK Delivery

-20% SPECIAL OFFER - Linkcare VME Plus GSM Gate Switch - Free UK Delivery

LinkCare VME Plus GSM Gate Switch - Special Offer Price Includes Free Next Day UK Delivery

  • No more remote controls
  • Powered directly from the control board
  • Call your gates to open them
  • Control access for friends, family and trades visitors
  • Simple programming with SMS
  • Options to hold the gates open 

Call the switch from your mobile or landline phone to open your gate.

The switch recognises an incoming call and operates the gate without the call connecting so there's no charge for it.

Specify the phone numbers it can be operated from or leave as supplied so that any phone can operate the switch.

Please note that using your mobile phone while driving can be dangerous and is illegal unless the phone is hands free. Please see Gov.UK for more information on the safe and legal use of mobile phones while driving.

Simple Set Up Via SMS

Using GSM technology, this module wires directly in to your gates control board. You need to install a SIM card* in to the module and then set up the system simply using SMS messaging from your phone.

Once fully set up all you need to do is phone your gates to open them.

Extra Security & Peace Of Mind

If you choose to associate your mobile number with the system then you can open your gates from home, work or abroad.

When you phone your gates to open them, the module checks that your number is associated with the system, rejects the call so there is no charge and then opens your gate. You can programme in up to 20 phone numbers to the system so that you can grant access to everyone in the household and friends, family and workers by the same method for convenience.

No Separate Power Supply Needed

There is no need for a separate power supply as this module requires just 300-350mA so can be powered directly from the control board itself. When you combine this with the fact that you require no cabling between your house and gate, you have a flexible solution which is fast and cost effective way to control the opening of your gates.

Additional features:

You do not have to programme any numbers in and then anyone with the correct number can open gates. This means very fast installation
You can send text messages to hold the gate open
You can send text messages to tell the gates to stay open for a certain amount of time
Waterproof housing for mounting outside
Built in internal antenna
Free app available to open gates

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